Environmental Engineering Consulting

EcHydEn (Ecology Hydrology Engineering) provides environmental engineering consulting with the use of MIKE Powered by DHI software productsand analytical expertise. We implement projects in different areas of application: rivers and reservoirs, oceans and coastlines, ecology, groundwater, urban water: water distribution, collection systems,wastewater and more.

Flooding modeling

Groundwater and river floodmodeling: flood forecasting, flood risk analyses and mapping.

Urban water modeling

Water distribution and collection systems modeling (separate sewerage system, combined sewerage system, storm sewer)

Oil spill modeling

Accidental oil spill modeling in the open sea, coastal areas, estuaries, rivers and lakes considering the variability of winds, wave, surface water current and hydrometeorological conditions. OilSpillResponsePlandevelopment.

Dam break

Mathematical modeling of the dam breaks potential consequences and impacts of other hydrodynamic accidents.

Wave conditions

The modeling of the wave climate in the coastal areas (coastal waters) and in the open sea.Wave conditions modeling in the water area of ports and harbors.

Sediment transport modeling

Modeling of ecological impact on water bodies and aquatic organisms, estimating sediment deposition fields around dredging activities, predicting shoaling in dredged channels, predicting effects of sediment accretion (burial) and land reclamation.

ECHYDEN LLC is an engineering company offering consulting services in the field of hydrodynamic calculations and the supply of specialized software which can be used for a wide range of challenges in water environments. Water flow characteristics, environmental conditions, engineering solutions and their social and environmental impact, which can be evaluated and verified using computer mathematical modeling - this is our job! ECHYDEN LLC is the official distributor of DHI products in Russia and the CIS countries.


  • specialized software selection for the needs of the customer; 
  • software supply; 
  • technical user support; 
  • software training coursesprinciples,creation and working with models; 
  • a full range of consulting services in hydrodynamic modeling, including: 
  • engineering survey; 
  • creating, calibrating and analyzing simulations and scenarios; 
  • recommendations on modernization and improvingfacilities or design solutions 
  • expert judgements; 
  • integration of the developed modelto customer’s workplace; 
  • modeling of lakes and reservoirs environmental problems: advection-dispersionpollutant transport, thermal pollution; 
  • modeling processes in the coastal areas of the seas and oceans; 
  • wave climate modeling for port services and for design and operations of marine structures; 
  • modeling of morphological and dynamic processes for dredging projects. 

With high-tech software and highly qualified staff of engineers, our company implemented more than 700 projects for customers from Russia and the CIS countries. 

  • We are trustworthy and co-operate withboth private project organizations and state institutions; 
  • We have vast experience working both  in Russia and in Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan; 
  • Our specialists have performed hundreds of hydrodynamic modeling projects; 
  • More than 150 organizations have become users of our software; 
  • Our certified specialists have trained more than 200 specialists from various companies. 


ECHYDEN maintains high quality of service provided and guarantee of quality production supplied. 

Our team includes: 

  • Staff with scientific degrees; 
  • Owners of patents for designsand methods; 
  • High quality modeling specialists; 
  • Professionals with hydrology and water resourcesspecialization; 
  • Certified teachers; 
  • Ecologists of a wide profile; 
  • Engineers in the field of morpholithodynamics and channel processes; 
  • Experienced water and wastewater engineers; 
  • Staff with hydraulics and hydrotechnical engineering education; 
  • Existence of rich experience in project management; 
  • Regularadvanced training for our staff ; 
  • Experiences participating in international projects; 
  • Our employees are like-minded people who share a common goal to provide quality products and services. 


  • Extensive modeling experience; 
  • Scientific approach; 
  • State-of-the-art technologies for modeling water environments; 
  • Use of professional modeling software; 
  • International recognition and numerous approbation of the MIKEPoweredbyDHI modeling systems; 
  • Provide high quality training 
  • Our trainers are certified by TheAcademybyDHI; 
  • The possibility of organizing automatic observation posts at research sites; 
  • Certified measuring equipment from our partners.